Soyuz Spacecraft



blueprint of a Soyuz spacecraft

the Soyuz spacecraft was a spacecraft developed by russia/USSR since 1967
to be an orbital crewed spacecraft for use in LEO and MEO and eventually for lunar exploration.
the current version of the spacecraft is called the Soyuz MS and rides on the
Soyuz-FG carrier rocket.
in 1967 Soyuz-1 launched vladimir komorov into orbit. altough he came back charred an burned up due to many
structually unsound issues first spotted by Yuri Alecksjevich Gagarin.
currently the spacecraft is most used for launching to the ISS.
it used to be the ride to many soviet stations, including all Salyut stations,
and MNP.
the Soyuz spacecraft is divided into three sections

- the top orbital module, containing the docking port

- the middle crew module, containing crew and control

- the bottom service module, containing manouvering and docking engines, and also the deorbiting engine.

the service module runs on the SKD engine.

the Soyuz-program has a succes-rate of 97%
main launch site is Baikonur Cosmodrome

notable missions:

  • Apollo Soyuz mission, where the USA and the USSR worked together in a mission where a Soyuz and an Apollo module docked together
  • all Salyut missions, where the USSR built small space stations in LEO
  • mission to MNP
  • missions to the ISS
  • the Soyuz-1 mission
  • Soyuz-4
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