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Soyuzism is a new ideology that leans closely to leftist and rightist ideas,
by introducing a parliementary representative democracy within specific sized companies.
The ideology follows the reasoning that for efficiency and democracy within a workplace where its normally largely absent,
there should be a parliemental system,
that votes for the party that has most power within the company.
The smaller businesses can run under two system: Soyuzism 1a, where smaller companies run under regular dutch partial state regulated capitalism,
and Soyuzism 1b, where the smaller companies run under Market Socialism.
The democracy running under the government is a Parliementary representative democracy as well.
The ideology first appeared in april 2020, mostly circulating accros the social interrection application Discord.
The maker, mostly known on the alias, S, has chosen to be kept anonymous.
S has said that
"The ideology is still under its early stages, so a lot of work has to be done".

the amount of power that Soyuzism wishes to go to the government is minimal, wanting
only a small amount of government control over the nation, only where it is neccisarry.
I.A.,law enforcement, monopoly protection, etc.
altough not yet minarchist, it is bordering the territory of Minarchism.
currently the system has only been tried in select few
situation, mostly in companies. one of these companies is called Mondragon.

Currently the main thesis on how this system should be enfoced has been laid down to two routes.
the authoritarian route, where it is enforced by legeal laws(Authoritarian is just a name for it, this does not reflect the system itself.)
or the subsidzed route, where businesses who choose to run this way wil have certain costs of their business
subsidies and taken care for.
It has been scientifically proven that having a healthy work place democracy
and giving the lower rank workers a voice of their own boosts their morale,
thus increasing their work efficiency and overall happiness.
The main issue so far lies within the choise of organisations possibly leaving certain districts overseas, for countries
that have no such limitations towards their power. The main way to stop this is to ensure laws exist
prohibiting overseas tax and law avoidance.

the name comes from the translation of Soyuz which means Union, and the spacecraft itself, being a symbol
of the creator themselves.

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representative democracy

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